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Brand Story of Herbo Hysteria

Herbo Hysteria is a new venture starting with a vision to be one of the Leading Herbal Healthcare Brands to improve quality of living. Here we provide standardized, researched, and time-tested herbal healthcare products. we are one of the trusted GMP-certified companies to maintain the optimum safety standards. We generally emphasize quality, cleanliness, traditional approach, and most recent technologies to create a respectable position in the Herbal market.

What Does it Mean? Herbo Hysteria brand means “Unconditioned Emotion of Herbal Tradition”. The knowledge of herbal supplements has been found more than 5000 years ago and it has been stated in various Ayurvedic texts.

Mission: Our Mission is to provide the highest quality products to our customer’s doorsteps and helps them uplift their way of living. We want to aware every human being of the immense benefits and knowledge of herbal healthcare supplements to make their daily living even healthier.

Vision: This GMP Certified company wants to bring that traditional emotion to the reality of the modern world. This is a pure amalgamation of Herbal traditional and Modern necessity. These herbal supplements are meant to be added to daily diets to improve the way of living!

What Does Herbo Hysteria Offer?

Herbo Hysteria offers more than 200 Ayurvedic Supplements, which include herbal and organic products. We have our own experienced R&D team, which is offering unique researched formulation and also offers a wide range of Ayurvedic medicine for various health problems

Herbal Powder

Herbal Powders always have great values in the text of Ayurveda. Some people may call it Churna while others call it Ayurvedic powder. These Herbal/Ayurvedic powders have been prepared from pure and natural ingredients such as plants and herbs. These hand-picked herbs are selected according to the importance given in the Ayurvedic texts.

Organic Powder

We have also launched a range of Organic powders which are USDA certified to provide maximum benefits to the customers.

All these powders can directly be used in various home remedies by every individual and even by the doctors to prepare their own formulations.

Green Food Supplement

In today’s life, everyone wants to be healthy and fit to tackle challenges. But keeping the high energy and strength in this hectic world is very difficult. High energy means proper nutrition. But, most of the time we lack nutrition because we do not include healthy vegetables and fruits in our daily living. This is where HerboHysteria’s Green Food Supplements come into the picture. This wide range comprises Wheatgrass, Barley grass, spirulina, etc.

Single Herbal Supplement

The basic concept of a single herbal supplement is to add Herbal Extract and Herbal Powder in a capsule or tablet form.

Herbal Extract is the main and most nutritious part of any plant or herb. When the concentrated herbal extract is mixed with its whole powder, the supplement becomes more active and effective.

Herbal Ayurvedic Formulation

When one herb has multiple benefits, then imagine when more herbs are combined, it will become a great health care solution.

HerboHysteria offers 2 types of Formulations

  1. Using Medicated Cow Ghee Formulation: We have combined an herbal blend with A2 Desi Cow Ghee to enhance its effectiveness.
  2. Using Natural Bio-enhancers: Here, we have combined Natural bio-enhancers with various herbs to create capsules and tablets

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is a novel concept of Herbo Hysteria. These tea tablets have been prepared by combining various herbs together by checking their Ayurvedic values. These tea tablets help to manage a healthy weight, sugar level and may help to reduce cough and cold. You just have to add one Herbal Tea Tablet to a glass of hot water, stir well and your herbal tea is ready.

The main benefit is that these herbal tea tablets are 100% sugar-free, thus even diabetic patients can consume them easily.

Natural Personal Care

To help people in taking care of their skin and hair in a natural way, Herbo Hysteria has launched a supreme range of Personal care products. These products are chemical-free, instead, they are made using ancient herbs to offer optimum benefits.

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